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What key points should be followed in the selection of gear production materials?

The most important thing in gear production process is to select good materials. Only with good materials can we produce high quality gears. For the selection of materials, the main points are as follows:

1. Meet the technological performance of gear material
The technological properties of materials refer to the ability of materials themselves to meet various processing requirements. Gears are manufactured by forging, cutting and heat treatment. Therefore, attention should be paid to the technological properties of materials when selecting materials.

2. Economic Requirements of Materials
On the premise of satisfying the service performance, the selection of gear production materials should also pay attention to reducing the total cost of parts as far as possible. Consider the price of the material itself. Carbon steel and cast iron are relatively cheap, so choosing carbon steel and cast iron on the premise of meeting the mechanical properties of parts not only has better processing performance, but also can reduce costs. Consider the cost of gear production process. Firstly, different heat treatment methods have different relative processing costs. Secondly, the cost can also be reduced by improving the heat treatment process.

3. Rational Selection of Gear Production Materials
To satisfy the mechanical properties of the material, the root of the tooth is subjected to large bending stress, which may cause strength failure of the tooth surface or the tooth body. Relative sliding occurs at all points of the tooth surface, resulting in wear and tear. The main failure modes of gears are tooth surface erosion, tooth surface gluing, tooth surface plastic deformation and tooth fracture.

spiral bevel gearForged alloy steel helical gear

Therefore, gear production materials are required to have high bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength, sufficient hardness and wear resistance of the tooth surface, and certain strength and toughness of the core.

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