2020 Chinese Mid Autumn Festival party will be held in Luoyang.

2020 Chinese mid autumn Festival Gala, referred to as CCTV autumn Gala, is a variety show held by CCTV to celebrate the annual traditional festival of the Chinese nation during the Mid Autumn Festival. In 2020, CCTV’s mid autumn party will be held in Luoyang. Luoyang is the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties. It has been changing for five thousand years. It has swept away the vicissitudes of history and rejuvenated the new atmosphere of the city. Ancient and modern reflect, Luoyang is poetry and the distance.

The main stage of this autumn evening will be based on the background of Yingtianmen in Luoyang City of Sui and Tang Dynasties, linking the ancient and the modern, and converting the virtual and the real. Under the consistent aesthetic and romantic style of CCTV autumn Gala, it carries out personalized packaging and form innovation for each program, expands the influence of the evening party through all media and more new communication means, and tells Chinese stories well.

Luoyang is a heavy industry city after the found of the People’s Republic of China, is one of China’s first five-year plan key construction work industry center, seven of the Soviet union built 156 key projects are in Luoyang, the industry related to military heavy industry ranked in country leading level. Luoyang is a concentrated field of aeronautics and astronautics enterprise, and there are many Well-known enterprises at home and abroad, that such as AVIC-LIEOE(613),China railway 15 bureau group, China railway tunnel group, CALB,LIRRC, CHINALCO(Luoyang copper),CLFG,CITIC,SINOSICO, YTO,CNPT,LPEC,ENTRANTS HOLDING, Los Molybdenum group, North enterprises group, Da yang motorcycle and etc. They are in the industry advanced level, leading the development of China aerospace and manufacturing, and more and more foreigner customers come to Luoyang for business cooperation.

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