Mill spare part

Ball mill is the key equipment to crush the material after material is crushed. Ball mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and other materials, widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. We can produce all kinds of components for ball mill/cement mill, including girth gear, end cover, hollow shaft, bearing seat, lining board, etc.


mill structure

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ball mill structure

Ball mill steel ball

ball mill steel ball
ball mill steel ball
ball mill steel bal

Ball mill steel ball introduction

Steel ball is the medium for grinding the material of the ball mill. The material is ground to a suitable fineness by the collision friction between the steel ball and between the steel ball and the material. Steel ball is important basic components of the ball mill . It is widely used in cement plants, power plants and other production industries. Some special steel balls have been used in various fields of the national economy.

Steel ball material

Common materials of steel ball are mainly high-chromium steel balls, high-chromium steel, low-chromium steel balls, low-chromium steel, medium-chromium steel balls, medium-chromium steel and other materials. The main substances often added in steel balls are carbon and silicon, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, etc., in which chromium and molybdenum play a very important role in the steel ball, it determines the hardness and wear resistance of the steel ball, of course, also determines the price of the steel ball. Under normal circumstances, the higher the chromium contentHigh, the price of steel balls is also higher.

Material Chemical Composition
C Si Mn Cr Mo Cu P S
Low chromium cast ball 2.2~3.6 ≤1.2 0.5-1.5 2.0-3.0 ≤1 ≤0.8 ≤0.1 ≤0.1
Medium chrome cast ball 2.1~3.2 0.5-2.2 0.5-1.5 3.0-4.0 ≤1 ≤0.8 ≤0.1 ≤0.06
High chromium cast ball 2.0~3..0 ≤1 0.5-1.5 10-13 ≤3 0-1.0 ≤0.1 ≤0.06
Ordinary trace Element steel ball 2.0~2.8 ≤1 0.5-1.5 <1 ≤1 0-2.0 ≤0.1 ≤0.06

Ball mill steel ball, steel forging model

In general ball mill steel ball model is determined by the diameter of the ball mill steel ball. The common ball mill steel ball diameter is mainly: Φ120mm, Φ100mm, Φ80mm, Φ60mm, Φ40mm, in addition, our company can also according to customersNeed to customize the ball mill ball of various diameters for customers.

specifications Φ20 Φ30 Φ40 Φ50 Φ60 Φ70
Φ80 Φ90 Φ100 Φ110 Φ120 Φ130
Φ140 Φ150
Ordinary trace element steel forging 20×25 25×30 30×35 40×45 45×50 50×60
GB low chromium steel forgingCr2.0~3.0 20×25 25×30 30×35 40×45 45×50 50×60

Ball mill liner(lining plate)

Commonly used name: grinding head liner, cylinder liner, trapezoidal liner, ring groove liner, groove liner, compartment board, discharge deck.

Main material: High manganese steel Mn13Cr2, medium chromium alloy, high chromium (Cr15, Cr23, Cr26, etc.)

Casting process: lost foam, water glass sand casting

Applicable materials: quartz stone, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite, construction waste, cement clinker, glass, etc.

Ball mill liner introduce

The lining plate is used to protect the cylinder body from the direct impact and friction of ball mill steel balls and materials. Meanwhile, the lining plate of different forms can be used to adjust the movement state of abrasive body, so as to enhance the crushing effect of abrasive body on materials, which is helpful to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, increase output and reduce metal consumption.

Lining plate classification

The classification basis of ball mill lining plate mainly based on its material, such as high manganese steel liner, wear-resisting steel liner , rubber liner, ceramic liner , silica liner  and all kinds of alloy liner , etc., are named with the liner  material. In addition, it is also named for the lining plate position in the ball mill that such as the feed side liner, the material side liner, the warehouse liner.

Feature of lining plate

High wear resistance and impact resistance

High strength and toughness

High cost performance, strong adaptability

Gear and pinion shaft of ball mill

ball mill gear wheel
ball mill girth gear
ball mill pinion

Introduction to gear of ball mill:

The gear of the ball mill mainly includes the pinion gear and girth gear, which are important part of the ball mill. The gear system carries a huge torque of the whole ball mill when it turns. It has a large proportion with its weight, volume and cost in the ball mill, and its working efficiency has an important impact on the normal work of the ball mill.

Ball mill gear material:

The operation of the ball mill is driven by the gears, so the torque of girth gear is very large, and the ball mill is still running continuously. Once the girth gear fails, it will affect the working efficiency of the ball mill. So it requires the gear rim to be with good material.

Normally, for small ball mill equipment, we usually use the ZG45, which is the standard material for the gears, but we usually widen the gears for the life of the gears. For larger ball mill equipment, like ball mills with a diameter of 2.2m or much wider, we generally use ZG310-570, which is more wear-resistant than ZG45 and has good hardness and toughness.

Ball mill pinion materials usually use high carbon cast steel, and some use alloy steel containing silicon, manganese, nickel, and molybdenum to achieve high tensile strength. Usually the girth gear of ball mill has a lower hardness than the pinion. The material of the ball mill pinion can usually be divided into 35 silicon manganese, 40 chromium molybdenum, forged steel quenching and so on. The materials are different and their prices are not the same. Each manufacturer can choose different materials according to their own use. The working environment of the ball mill pinion is very important for the use and life of the ball mill.

Ball mill gear scrapping standards:

1.The wear of the pinion surface should not exceed 30% of the tooth thickness. The wear of the tooth surface of the ball mill is not more than 25% of the tooth thickness. It can be used on the reverse side and should be scrapped when it is 1/2.

2.The deformation of the rim of the large gear of the ball mill should not exceed 7.5mm.

Ball mill end cover

ball mill end cover
ball mill end cover

Weight: 1-90T

Material:  ZG230-450

Application:  Building material industry

Customizable:  Yes, according to customer drawings

The end cover is an important part of the ball mill, which is mainly used in cement, building materials and other industries. It needs to grinding for the contact section after machining to ensure the accuracy and smoothness. Therefore, the casting process is highly required. We can manufacture various types of end covers according to the drawings and sizes provided by customers, and choose the best carbon steel and silicon manganese steel materials to make sue the products with stronger wear resistance and longer service life, and are highly praised by users.

The end cover we produced is adopted with standard wooden model and with a long service life.

Cast steel of end cover is adopted with high quality steel material and inspect chemical composition strictly before producing. We test the chemical composition twice with spectroanalysis instrument spectrum analyzer  before and after smelting to ensure the chemical composition is qualified.

End cover is also adopted with special and strict heat treatment process to increase the service life and anti-deformation ability.

Hollow shaft of Ball mil

hollow shaft
hollow shaft
hollow shaft

Hollow shaft is an important part of ball mill, it mainly plays the rotation of cylinder of ball mill. so it requires must be with strict process and produce in order to keep ball mill running smoothly. It is not allowed to be with casting defects of holes or blisters, and the position that contact with spherical tile to be grinded to ensure the precision and roughness. So it requires strict casting and machining process.

Material of hollow shaft

Generally we use ZG230-450 such high carbon steel to produce hollow shaft with high casting requirement. And if it needs to be with wear treatment, it will used with alumina ceramic lining.

Features of hollow shaft

Using heat treatment to improve hardness of hollow shaft, enhance its resistance.

Using high strength casted steel to ensure the quality of the hollow shaft.

To optimized the structure of hollow shaft according to ball mill operating, in order to improve the stability under long time running and extend its service life.

Bearing bush, Babbitt tile

Ball mill Babbitt bearing bush
bearing bush of ball mill
Spherical tile for ball mill

Babbitt tile introduction:

Babbitt alloy tile is also called spherical tile and bearing bush, it is casted with material of babbitt alloy.

The babbitt bearing bush is an important and easy damaged part of the main bearing, so its material should not lower than HT20-40 of standard GB 976-76, it is made with material ZG35 sometimes for large ball mill. The bearing angle of spherical tile we produced is usually among 100-120 degree.

The function of the babbitt tile:

In the equipment, the babbitt tile is mainly used for supporting and has a strong load capacity, which makes the babbitt tile have high compressive strength. In order to ensure the normal operation of the babbitt tile, in addition to the basic performance, it also puts high demands on the antifriction effect of the babbitt tile.

Babbitt tile features:

Since the material of babbitt alloy is very hard, it makes the bearing bush also has strong hardness. So the bearing bush is easy to damaged due to vibration and wear after a long time use.

Compared with other bearing bush, babbitt tile has better compliance and seizure resistance.

The casting process of babbitt bearing bush is simple. It is easy to be made just after steel cleaned and tinned, alloy melted, alloy stored and so on.

Gear coupling of ball mill

gear coupling
gear coupling

Ball mill gear coupling is used to connect two shafts (drive shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms and make them rotate together to transfer torque. In the high speed and heavy load power transmission, some ball mill coupling has the function of buffering, reducing vibration and improving dynamic performance of shaft system.

Gear coupling consists of two parts, which are connected with the drive shaft and the driven shaft respectively.

Most power machines are connected with working machine by ball mill coupling. The disk of the coupling is usually cast iron and is made of cast steel only under certain circumstances.