We are committed to provide the most complete and timely service and commitment to every customer.
When we contact initially, we will provide you a complete document and video to understand us comprehensively.

Drawing and Inquiry

All of the drawings and inquiries would be offered with complete quotation and technical information in 8 hours after receipt. If need us to design the gearbox the designed time will be one week.


All of orders would be confirmed back in 8 hours upon receipt, along with PRM drawing and produce schedule. Update order status every week with produce photo and video so customer can better understand the order progress. If you have any order need urgently, just advise before or when order it, we will adjust our production schedule and arrange optimal transport accordingly.

Quality assurance

All of orders are produced according to strict production process and quality control procedures to improve inspect the dimension, machining accuracy, heat treatment requirement of raw material (forging, casting, welding), make sure all the products and spare parts are acceptable before packing.
Quality problem would be feedback within 4 hours with satisfied solution. We will treat all quality problem actively and responsible for it.

Technical Support

We provide customers with professional guidance and complete technical support. we can provide survey and mapping, industrial gearbox design, gearbox repair and other product designs. Our engineer will help install and debug onsite and train the operators.