There are many classification methods of rollers, mainly including:

(1) according to the product type, there are strip rollers, shaped steel rollers, wire rollers, etc.;

(2) according to the position of the roller in the rolling mill series, it can be divided into the billet roll, rough roll and finishing roll, etc.;

(3) according to the roll function, there are scale-breaking roll, perforating roll, flat roll, etc.;

(4) according to the material of the roll, it can be divided into steel roll, cast iron roll, hard alloy roll, ceramic roll, etc.

(5) according to the manufacturing method, there are casting roll, forging roll, surfacing roll, sleeve roll, etc.;

(6) according to the state of rolled steel can be divided into hot roll, cold roll.

We PRM can supply different type of rollers.

Rotary kiln thrust roller

The thrust roller is one of the key core components of the rotary kiln. It is located on either side or both side of the belt which is close to the gear ring in middle of rotary kiln. It is divided into two types: the ordinary thrust roller and the hydraulic thrust roller. The rotary kiln thrust roller is mainly used to limit (ordinary thrust roller) or control (hydraulic thrust roller) the axial sway of the kiln body. PRM can provide rotary kiln parts according to customer drawing and technical requirement.

Support roller

Product: rotary kiln support roller, support wheel
Support roller bears the whole weight of rotary kiln (including barrel, inside bricks, heat exchange device inside kiln, raw material, rolling ring, gear ring), it makes the barrel and the girth gear running smoothly on kiln support roller. Therefore, It requires supporting roller with strong endurance.