Spare parts for industrial gearbox

PRM drive supplies spare parts for various industrial gearboxes. We can produce according to our original drawings or according to the customer’s drawings. We can also go to the customer worksite for actual surveying and drawing, and then form the drawings according to the actual surveying dimensions.
Our complete production facilities and strict production quality management procedures ensure that we can quickly produce and deliver the following gearbox spare parts, especially the various gears and shafts:

Spur gear -gear with straight teeth

Helical gear-gear with helical teeth

Double helical gear-gear with double helical teeth

Herringbone gear

Bevel gear-spiral bevel gear and straight bevel gear

Bevel gear-Gleason type and Klingelnberg type

Internal ring gear

Gear wheel, welded gear wheel

Worm and worm wheel

Forging shaft and gearshaft includes spline shaft, step shaft, gear and shaft assembly, pinion shaft and other different shafts.

In addition to gears and shafts, we also can supply other machines and gearbox parts such as gearbox body/gearbox housing, bearing, bearing housing, gear coupling, roller/shaft sleeve, involute spline, and more for machining parts.

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Gearbox Component characteristics :

Gears are produced with high quality low carbon alloy steel 17CrNiMo6, with carburizing and quenching and tooth grinding.

Shafts are produced with high quality alloy steel 42CrMo.

Gears and shafts are adopt with advanced technology to ensure the accuracy class of tooth surface to reach or even up to 6. Gears and shafts with tooth grinding are adopt with modification technology to improve the mesh condition of gear pair so as to extend the using life of gear and shaft.

Bearings are famous bearing such as SKF, LYC, HRB and ZWZ, and oil seals is adopt with fluorine rubber oil seal.

Lubrication form of the gearbox is designed and adopted with splash lubrication or forced lubrication will be according to customer requirement, to ensure the good lubrication and cooling effect of bearing. also using advanced dustproof air filter with transparent Vernier scale.

Housing is adopt with casting HT200, will be process with annealing and shot peening after casting.

Polyurethane paint is international standard as per customer requirement.

All of the components will be manufactured and inspected strictly, and provide with detailed inspection report including:

Material chemical composition

Dimension inspect report

Teeth surface hardening certificate

Heat treatment graph

Ultrasonic inspection report

magnetic powder inspection report

other report as requested