Industrial gearbox

New industrial gearbox design and manufacture

PRM drive offers custom industrial gearboxes and spare parts for a variety of industries.We can produce gearbox according to customer’s drawings, and also can design industrial gearbox according to customer’s requirements and working conditions.Meanwhile we provide gearbox repair, mapping, maintenance, upgrade services.

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Standard Procedure for Designing new gearbox:

1.Technical consultation with customers

2.Preliminary plan design and review according to customer requirement

3.Overall structural design and review

4.Relevant design calculation, includes:

(1)Calculation of transmission minor shape, bending, contact fatigue and mesh strength;

(2)Calculation of maximum load or static strength of transmission pair;

(3)Bearing life calculation;

(4)Calculation of shaft stiffness, strength and spline connection;

(5)Finite element calculation of load and deformation of planetary frame;

(6)Finite element calculation of gear ring with heavy load;

(7)Clutch torque and heating calculation;

(8)Finite element calculation of stress and deformation of gearbox housing/tank;

(9)Dynamic calculation and analysis of transmission system;

(10)Transmission efficiency calculation;

(11)Thermal power, lubrication and cooling design calculation;

(12)Other special items calculation;

5.Parts structure and construction design;

6.Construction design review, major products and new products for secondary review;

7.Production, update production status;

8.Test plan design, test outline and requirement;

9.Prepare product acceptance outline and instruction;

10.After sale service, provide lifelong service.

Our industrial gearbox includes below items:

low speed gearboxes;

high power speed gearboxes;

bevel gearboxes;

worm gearboxes;

helical gearboxes;

planetary gears;

other special gearboxes.

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Gearbox technical statement:

Gears are produced with high quality low carbon alloy steel 17CrNiMo6, with carburizing and quenching and tooth grinding.

Shafts are produced with high quality alloy steel 42CrMo.

Gears and shafts are adopt with advanced technology to ensure the accuracy class of tooth surface to reach or even up to 6. Gears and shafts with tooth grinding are adopt with modification technology to improve the mesh condition of gear pair so as to extend the using life of gear and shaft.

Bearings are famous bearing such as SKF, LYC, HRB and ZWZ, and oil seals is adopt with fluorine rubber oil seal.

Lubrication form of the gearbox is designed and adopted with splash lubrication or forced lubrication will be according to customer requirement, to ensure the good lubrication and cooling effect of bearing. also using advanced dustproof air filter with transparent Vernier scale.

Housing is adopt with casting HT200, will be process with annealing and shot peening after casting.

Polyurethane paint is international standard as per customer requirement.

All of the components will be manufactured and inspected strictly, and provide with detailed inspection report including:

Material chemical composition

Dimension inspect report

Teeth surface hardening certificate

Heat treatment graph

Ultrasonic inspection report

magnetic powder inspection report

other report as requested

Installation size requirement:

Gearbox size will be exactly in accordance with customers’ drawing.

Delivery condition:

Gearbox will be taken empty load test with positive and negative running for 4-8 hours before delivery, to ensue below requirements.

Bearings temperature rise is normal,

No oil leakage for the housing,

No abnormal vibration,

Noise is no more than 85dB within 1 meter,

Gear contacting should be meet the corresponding accuracy class.

Inside the gearbox housing should be very clean or as customer required, it is needn’t to the housing for cleaning when/before installation.

Appearance paint of the gearbox(housing) will be with imported environmental protection paint or as per customer requirement

Pre-sale and after sales:

We can produce gearbox according to your drawings (component drawing and assembly drawing). If you don’t have the drawing,

we can design the gearbox including component and assembly drawing according to the work condition or your requirement, and

we will charge the related design fee.

PRM will provide installation guide, or our engineer will help to install onsite if need.

If there is a quality problem for the gearbox during operating, we will come to you with a satisfied solution within 4 hours, or even respond to immediately with 1hours.

Warranty is 12 months after takeover, and provide technical support and service all lifetime.

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