PRM designs and manufactures mechanical and non-standard mechanical parts



With Strong technical and design capabilities, we can effectively solve the technical problems of customers and provided technical service to numbers of local enterprises.


Luoyang Primary Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd, focus on transmission device industrial gearbox, gear, shaft for over 20 years.


A wide range of machining machines can meet different product requirement, beside gearbox, gear, shaft, also provide with gear coupling, housing, roller, sprocket, gear ring, forging, casting, mill parts, rotary kiln parts and etc.


Luoyang Primary Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd

PRM is a manufacturer specializing in the design, production sales and service of industrial gear boxes, gears, shafts and other machinery parts. We can provide suitable solutions for different industry applications. The products are widely used in mining, cement, electric power, rubber, construction machinery, steel mills, aluminum plants, sugar plants and other industries.

The company’s predecessor is affiliated to luoyang mining Industries. In 2008, we set up a special technical consulting company to provide mapping, gearbox design, inspection and testing, process guidance, drawings and other services for local enterprises and domestic customers. In order to better serve customers and improve the quality of local industry services and products, then PRM was set up that with full service of design, production, sales. Since its establishment, the company’s products and services have been well received by customers, the domestic market is growing, and meanwhile, international market has been developed. Our products have been exported to Russia, CZ, Lithuania, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Canada and other countries.

We have advanced and varieties of production equipment can satisfy with different technical and production requirements. Strict quality control procedures and testing equipment/ instruments to ensure the quality of each process of the product.
From the preliminary design or drawing quotation to shipment, we have served every customer in details, offer and questions would be replied within 24 hours, updated the order status every week, timely shipment and etc have won the praise of every customer. Because, we always understand that customers need a good partner, not just a simple supplier.


The gear processing process generally goes through the following stages: rough heat treatment, tooth blank machining, tooth profile machining, tooth end machining, tooth surface heat treatment, fine reference correction and tooth shape finishing.