The swing gear/swing ring with OD2000mm is finished and delivered.

The swing gear/swing ring used for grinding machine is finished and delivered to customer. The swing gear details is as following.

Product: swing gear




Accuracy class: 6, with tooth grinding

Material: 42CrMo4

Heat treatment: QT240-260

Tooth profile: spur gear

The gear is ground with grinding machie Germany Niles gear grinder, it has CMM online test on the machine and we can provide gear grinding inspection such as tooth profile, tooth alignment and circular pitch.

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Product quality
Ra0.4, Ra0.8 and Ra1.6 with grinding( ISO5, 6, 7)


as per drawing, also recommend the upgraded material,

Common material(ISO or EN standard):
QT: C45(1.0503), 34CrMo4(1.7220), 42CrMo4(1.7225), 36CrNiMo4(1.6511), 31CrNiMo8(1.6580), 34CrNiMo6(1.6582),41CrAIMo74(GB38CrMoAi)
Carburizing: 18CrNiMo7(1.6587), 16MnCr5(1.7131)
as per drawing and techanical requirement, GB, EN, DIN, ASTM, GOST, JIS,BS, SS, CSN, ISO
Produce process
forging, casting, welding, heat treatment, turning, gear cutting, milling, drilling, machining, CNC machining, grinding
Heat treatment

QT, Carburizing, nitriding, tooth surface quenching
Material chemical composition test,Dimension and visual inspect, hardness test,Ultrasonic inspection,Surface roughness test,mechanical property test, three coordiates test, Magnetic particle test
Mining, consturction, cement, rolling,metallurgy, power, general engineering and etc.