Helical gear

Helical gears offer a refinement over spur gears. The leading edges of the teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation, but are set at an angle. The angled teeth engage more gradually than do spur gear teeth, causing them to run more smoothly and quietly. Helical gears are used in high-speed applications, large power transmission, or where noise abatement is important.

Quick  details
Standard or Non-standard Non-standard
Module 1-40
Shape external
Diameter with tooth grinding max 2500mm
w/o tooth grinding max 8000mm
Tooth profile spur
Material Carbon steel, alloy steel
Processing forging, heat treatment, machining
Pressure angle 20
Accuracy class ISO5, 6, 7
Tooth surface roughness with grinding Ra0.8, Ra1.6
w/o grinding Ra3.2, Ra6.3
Defect control UT, MT,
Certification ISO9001
warranty: one year
Delivery Detail: 30-60 days

PRM is a premium supplier of helical gear for industrial including : Machinery, Automotive, Agricultural, Electronic, Medical and others. All of our products are manufactured with strict quality standard enforcement and followed with every customer drawing and technical requirements.

Double helical gears overcome the problem of axial thrust presented by single helical gears by using a double set of teeth, slanted in opposite directions. A double helical gear can be thought of as two mirrored helical gears mounted closely together on a common axle. This arrangement cancels out the net axial thrust, since each half of the gear thrusts in the opposite direction, resulting in a net axial force of zero. This arrangement can also remove the need for thrust bearings. However, double helical gears are more difficult to manufacture due to their more complicated shape. PRM has very strong technology and equipment to produce to control the axis deviation…

Herringbone gears are a special type of helical gears. They do not have a groove in the middle like some other double helical gears do; the two mirrored helical gears are joined together so that their teeth form a V shape.  we experienced to produce different kinds double helical gear and herringbone gear.