Gearbox repair and maintenance services

PRM drive can repair, maintain and renovate different type and size gearboxes, we repair and maintain gearboxes according to customers’ requirements and along with our own inspection and diagnose. we also provide after sales service for repaired and maintained industrial gearbox as new gearbox that installation and debugging guidance as new gearbox. our local engineers also can go to worksite for installation if need. In most of countries, we have one of our customer as a partner or agent that can go to your worksite for service.

Repair is an important factor to reduce the service life cost of industrial equipment, which has the following advantages:

Extend the working life of components

Reduce maintenance costs

Increase reliable production time and productivity

Reduce the probability of failure

Maintain the status of spare parts inventory

Improve overall asset reliability

Provide reliability improvement Suggestions.

PRM drive has experienced in the field of industrial gearbox for over 15 years, we provide professional repair, maintain, refurbish or upgrade services for different gearboxes.

Gearbox repair
Gearbox repair
Gearbox repair

Gear box Inspection

It is good way to inspect gearbox termly to detect problems and reduce repair cost.

Our engineers will use the latest endoscopy and vibration detection technologies to inspect the gearbox , including the detection of high-risk components, such as planetary rack bearings.

Whether it is regular inspection of gear boxes or to conduct inspection in case of emergency, our local partner will provide high-quality services timely and efficiently.

Gear box inspection is an important key to ensure efficient operation of equipment. PRM drive provides gearbox maintenance services suitable for any brand of gearbox, anywhere in the world. Our professional manufacturing and service anytime and anywhere to provide you with services.

The inspection contents include: analysis of daily operation data of gear box, appearance inspection of gear box, oil leakage inspection, internal gear inspection, bearing inspection, oil injection inspection, oil product inspection, abnormal noise inspection, etc.

 On-site inspection of gear box

PRM drive has a special field maintenance engineer, can work with your team to solve the gearbox problem that from troubleshooting, fault analysis, to gearbox testing. our maintenance engineers are always at your service.

Our field maintenance engineers are not only gear experts, but also have undergone strict safety standard training. Our team has rich experience in gearbox field maintenance, and has experienced in cement, sugar, mining , rolling and other factories for maintenance services. If your gearbox operation is abnormal, welcome to contact PRM team, we will come to you immediately.

gear box

gear box

Gearbox upgrade

With more than 20years of service and design in industrial gearbox, we can quickly test and upgrade gearboxes of any brand, so as to avoid the risk of re-failure or provide you with perfect service of equipment.

Upgrades to the gearbox are often necessary for recurring failures caused by original design defects or changes in the working life and working environment.

We provide gearbox upgrade services to optimize its design and architecture to improve service factor and service life. Our rich experience can help us quickly find the cause of failure and upgrade the gearbox to achieve significant performance improvement.

Gearbox upgrades are not just for equipment that fails. We can also upgrade older gearboxes to new operating standards, or reconfigure existing equipment to meet stronger operating requirements. We can offer industrial gearbox upgrades of any brand or model, and we have manufacturing capabilities to design and manufacture new ISO 9001:2008 compliant components.

Gearbox upgrade
Gearbox upgrade