Ball mill pinion

Pinion gear is one of the indispensable spare parts of ball mill equipment, according to the direction of tooth shape can be divided into straight teeth and oblique teeth, there are two kinds of key type and expansion type. Different specifications of the ball mill selection of pinion teeth and modulus are not the same. Mainly according to the speed of the mill and the bearing capacity of the gear itself. Regardless of the type of ball mill, the quality of the pinion is of great importance, which directly affects the operation and service life of the equipment.

ball mill pinion

Ball mill pinion material hardness:

The gears are forged with ZG45#, 35SiMn, 45MnB, 40Cr and other materials according to customer requirement and drawing, and the hardness can reach HRC40-55 through tempering. Mechanical properties of pinion or shaft gear materials should not be lower than the relevant provisions, tooth surface hardness should be higher than the hardness of big gear tooth surface 30HB above, machining accuracy should meet GB/T 10095.

Specification selection of pinion for ball mill:

General situation 1.5, 183, 2.2 meters ball mill is the national standard configuration, gear ring(gear rim) specifications are unified, the rest of the ball mill for non-standard products, manufacturers if need to replace pinion accessories, must know the gear modulus, tooth number and external diameter, internal diameter, stop, displacement coefficient and other data. It is better to have the drawing provided by the mill manufacturer. If there is no drawing, please find a professional to accurately measure the above data and draw a sketch. Provide customized check data to qualified manufacturers.

Pinion module of ball mill:

Module is the ratio of pitch t to PI (m = t/ PI) between the teeth of the same side of two adjacent gears, measured in millimeters. Modulus is one of the most basic parameters in gear manufacturing. The larger the modulus is, the higher the tooth is, the thicker the tooth is. National standard ball mill pinion module is not less than 14, commonly used gear module is 18 module, 20 module, 22 module, 24 module, 25 module, 26 module, 28 module, 30 module. The number of teeth and modulus of gears are set according to the requirements of mechanical and mechanical principles.

ball mill pinion to be gear cutting ball mill pinion gear cutting

Design of pinion for ball mill:

There is a minimum number of teeth, is to prevent in the hobbing root cutting phenomenon. Pinion generally must not be less than 17 teeth, pinion number is usually designed for singular, large gear is generally haff-type split structure of the number of teeth for even, and paired with the number of large gear teeth best prime, at least can not be integral multiples of each other, so as to avoid serious local tooth wear phenomenon. So it’s important to determine the transmission ratio. Balance the relation between the number of teeth and modulus according to center distance and transmission ratio.

Pinion tooth structure of ball mill:

Generally divided into two types, one is involute cylindrical spur gear, the other is helical cylindrical gear. Matching gear along the tooth width at the same time into meshing, easy to produce vibration noise, transmission is not smooth. Helical cylindrical gear is better than cylindrical spur gear in grinding machine, and can be used for high speed and heavy load. However, because the manufacturing cost of helical cylindrical gears is much higher than that of cylindrical spur gears, most pinion gears of ball mill on the market are cylindrical spur gears. Pinion and pinion shaft are usually connected in the form of expansion and internal keys.

Price of ball mill pinion:

There are many factors that determine the price of pinion gear. If the pinion gear of the same specification is made of different materials, different manufacturers and different regions, the final price will be different. Mainly is the pinion material and blank weight, followed by the specific requirements and the tedious degree of gear processing.The pinion gears of ball mill manufactured by our factory are all processed by hobbing teeth or grinding teeth, the accuarcy of teeth can up to ISO6, and the tooth surface is quenched with high frequency.

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Ball mill pinion scope of supply:

We can manufacture pinion for cement ball mill pinion pinion slag ball mill, ball mill pinion of fly ash, high fine grinding machine pinion, pinion bearing ball mill, sand ball mill pinion, wet ball mill pinion, gypsum ball mill pinion, the overflow type ball mill pinion, ceramic ball mill pinion, dressing ball mill pinion, the grid mill pinion, desulfurization ball mill pinion, the wind sweep gear grinding machine, drying coal power plant coal ball mill grinding pinion, rod mill pinion and so on.