Customized survey and manufacture gear rim and pinion shaft of 3600x4000mm rotary kiln

PRM engineers conduct mapping for the user’s 3600x4000mm rotary kiln pinion shaft(gear shaft )and gear rim (big gear) at the customer’s work site, and we will manufacture this pinion shaft and gear rim for the user after the mapping is confirmed.

We can not only process the gear rim and pinion shaft according to the customer’s drawings, but also design and manufacture according to the user’s working environment. Meanwhile, we are the only private enterprise in Luoyang that can provide accurate surveying and mapping services for different types of gear, shaft, industrial gearbox, gear rim, and other parts.

3.6x40rotary kiln pinion shaft and gear rim


Rotary kiln components are divided into five parts: rotary part, support part, transmission device, sealing part and burner.

Rotary parts includesgirth gear, wheel belt, barrel, wheel belt backing plate, wheel belt joint, kiln door protection plate and blanking pipe.

Supporting part includes riding wheel(support roller), riding wheel shaft, riding wheel bearing seat,support base, thrust roller, thrust roller seat, bobbin tile, top wire, top wire seat and oil level indicator.

Transmission device includes pinion gear, pinion shaft, bearing seat, shaft sleeve, column pin, bolt, movable semi-coupling shaft, fixed semi-coupling shaft and motor wheelset;

The sealing parts include kiln head sealing ring, kiln tail sealing ring, bracket and closing bolt. Burners include single – channel burners, multi – channel burners and pulverized coal burners.

Girth gear, pinion and pinion shaft are one of the main components of rotary kiln transmission device. As an important part of rotary kiln, large and small gear transmission device can be well connected and run well between gears, so as to ensure the normal production of the whole rotary kiln.

The large girth gear is one of the most important parts in the transmission of rotary kiln. The installation accuracy of girth gear is effected the equipment smoothness and running efficiency. So the center line of the big gear must coincide with the center line of the cylinder when install. Girth gear is usually made of two halves or several pieces due to its large size, which are connected together by bolts. And girth gear is usually installed near the central part of the kiln cylinder, that makes the cylinder bear even force in operation and stay away from the hot end with less dust.The commonly used materials of big gear are ZG45 and ZG42CrMo, and the hardness reaches HB70-200 after normalizing.

The pinion is adopted with 35SiMn,45MnB,40Cr and other materials, and its hardness must be higher than that of big gear after quenching and tempering treatment and Hardness to be HB220-250.