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QJ series Crane gear reducer

QJ series reducer is applicable for relative device of the crane, as well as for the driving gear of mechanical equipment used in transportation, metallurgy, chemical engineering and light industry. Features: Wide range of reduction ratio, nominal speed ratio 10-200%; High efficiency of mechanical drive with Class II up to 96% and Class III up […]

CW series worm reducer

CW series worm reducer is produced in accordance with the national standard of the People’s Republic of China (gb9147-88), mainly including CWU, CWS, CWO, which is suitable for mechanical transmission in metallurgy, mining, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile light industry, energy and other industries. Technical data: Model: CWU、CWS、CWO Three models, sixteen center distances, twelve […]

CZ customer visited and built cooperation with PRM.

This customer was found by our company’s foreign trade personnel through Internet search at the end of June. After communication by email and Whatsapp, we made two quotations for spur gear, spiral bevel gear and ball mill gear sent by the customer. He was very satisfied with the price and details provided. We received the […]

Application of gear shaft in design

In the usual design, the gear shaft is generally used in the following situations:   Generally gear shaft is a pinion (less teeth gear)   Gearshaft is in the high speed level (low torque level)   the gear shaft is rarely used as a speed sliding gear, generally are fixed running gear, because it is […]

What is 0 degree spiral bevel gear?

In general, bevel gear is with spiral angle 35 degree. But there is a special bevel gear with spiral angle 0 degree. So it called 0 degree spiral bevel gear. Its shape is similar to straight bevel gear, but with higher strength, lower noise, and 0 degree spiral bevel gear is also with higher accuracy […]

PRM buy in a new Russian gear hobbing machine

We purchased a new Russian gear hobbing machine at the end of 2017, and it has finally been put into production after two months of installation and commissioning. This hobbing machine can produce gear shaft with max length 15000mm and max diameter 4000mm, it is greatly improve both the machining capacity and efficiency of local […]