This customer was found by our company’s foreign trade personnel through Internet search at the end of June. After communication by email and Whatsapp, we made two quotations for spur gear, spiral bevel gear and ball mill gear wheel that sent by the customer. He was very satisfied with the price and details provided. We received the customer’s formal order soon, and our staff also sent the 5000mm forging spline shaft under production to the customer at this time. Customer was very interested and immediately said he would visit our company. 

Customer come to our company on July 08 as scheduled, customer visited our forging workshop, gear, gear shaft processing workshops, spiral bevel gear processing workshops with accompany of our staff, our engineer introduced luoyang machining status, our production process, quality control, process capability, etc., customer satisfied all of the details. 

The customer is very satisfied with the measurement and comparison of the sizes of the actual products produced by our company and the sizes of the drawings, indicating that we can cooperate with more and more cases in the future.

Actual size check with drawing.

PRM engineer explained how to do match test of bevel gear.

Customer feedback after visit.